Safety Tips : Read or Watch Reviews for Opinions

There could be websites that pose as fake online casinos, and these websites actually might try to steal your personal information by enticing you to create an account to “play” at an online casino. Of course, the vast majority of online casinos are trustworthy websites, but finding these trusted online casinos could be tricky, especially if you are just using a search engine.


All trusted casinos have partners when it comes to developing casino games on their websites. These partners are often called software providers and developers, and they are the ones that specialize in making games for smartphones and for online casinos. To make sure that the online casino you are browsing is legitimate, you can check out their software providers by looking at their “About Us” page or a special page that indicates all of their partners for making casino games.

Of course, sketchy websites may also use the names of real software providers to fool people into thinking that they are legitimate, so it would also be best to check the website of the software providers and see their list of partners as well.

If you want a much easier time finding the best online casinos on the web, a great thing you can do is to read or watch reviews that are created by veteran online casino players that are more knowledgeable about casino websites.

Of course, these reviews would also tell you about the cons or drawbacks of the online casinos, so expect that no online casino is perfect since it may have one or two downsides no matter how great of a website it is. Be sure to check out these online casino reviews to find the perfect casino website for you faster compared to only using a search engine like Google or Bing. These reviews are also a great way to see if these casinos offer bonuses for players such as free spins.


The gambling license will serve as proof that the online casino is truly a legitimate website, as licenses are rarely given and could only be provided by a trusted gaming authority. Real online casinos would typically get licenses on the countries that they are based on, so a Maltese online casino could only get a license on the MGA or the Malta Gaming Authority, and an American casino would, of course, apply for a license from the gaming authority in their particular state.

To know if the online casino has a license, you can look for it at the bottom of the website’s homepage, which would also usually indicate their software providers. For Maltese casino websites, you will see the logo of the MGA right next to the “Authorized by” text. So, before you create an account on the online casino you’ve chosen, make sure that the license is shown on the website.


Most sketchy online casino websites would encourage you to give your credit card information when they finally ask you for your preferred payment method, and when they finally get that information, they may eventually get a hold of your credit card. To prevent this from happening, we recommend that you find trusted online casinos that allow you to choose your payment method, meaning that you have the option to not use your credit card if you don’t want to give that information to the website.

As an alternative to credit cards, trusted online casinos enable you to use e-pay platforms like PayPal, which is much safer to use than your credit card since your PayPal wallet only has a set amount of cash contained within, depending on how much you deposited to it. There are also legitimate online casinos that only allow you to use your credit card, but it would probably be best to choose casino websites that have multiple payment method options.


These are the things that you should look for whenever you are browsing through the web for a suitable online casino for you. Finding a great online casino that suits your preferences can be difficult, but it would make the search easier if you follow these safety tips, which can also help you to have a safer time playing at trusted online casinos.