Cashback Bonus

Unlike welcome or no deposit bonus, this bonus is based on past betting activities. In other words, players don’t have to make a deposit to claim this bonus, but they have to meet certain terms and conditions that might include making a deposit.

To put it in simple words, a cashback bonus is a percentage of the money players have lost during a specific time frame. They can be given on weekly or monthly basis; they can also be given only to VIPs or to all players that have met the terms and conditions.

The cashback bonuses also come with terms and conditions and sometimes, wagering requirements. Players have to meet them in order to claim the cashback or they have to play it through multiple times before they can cash it out. In order to avoid withdraw, some casinos require players to make a minimum deposit to get the bonus.

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How are they calculated?

How cashback bonuses are calculated differs from one online casino to another. For instance, they can be based on either losses or deposits. A casino may give a certain percentage back (usually 10%) on all the players’ losses over a certain period, or it can give a small percentage back on all deposits players have made during a certain time frame. Additionally, some cashback bonuses follow a specific formula, while others are calculated according to the casino’s daily profits connected with the player’s daily bets.

Cashback Offers Are Normally Limited

Most internet casinos limit the amount of losses that you can earn from cashback deals. Here’s an example:

  • The casino is offering a 20% cashback deal.
  • They limit the amount of cashback that you can receive to $100 per deposit.
  • You deposit $1,000 and lose the entire amount.
  • You’d normally be eligible for $200 cashback in this case.
  • But you’re actually only eligible for $100 due to the restriction

Benefits of Cashback Casino Bonuses

Whether or not you claim any type of casino bonus is entirely up to you. Every player will have an option to opt in or out of a bonus, should they feel like it wouldn’t suit their style of playing. It’s usually the high rollers who opt in for these types of offers, since they can afford to spend a bit more than regular players, meaning they will get the most out of bonuses like these. After all, the more you wager, the more money you will see in return.

Another reason to accept a cashback bonus is so that is softens the blow of losing out on a couple of unfortunate bets. While playing slot machines are completely random, cashback can also be acquired through live dealer games such as poker and blackjack. If you lost during a particularly unlucky hand, having a cashback bonus as backup means you can try again next week to beat the odds. We've gotten together a few of the pros of cashback bonuses, as we think they're pretty great and we'd like you to know why.

Better returns: You're always a winner - even if you lose your bet! A bad play is never as bad as you think, you're always going to get back a percentage of what you played when you have a cashback offer.

Rewards loyal players: You don't need to benefit from a new deposit bonus to reap the advantages of a cashback offer. You only need to play, just like you normally would.

No wagering requirements: Although this isn't the case 100% of the time, much of the time you are not required to play your cashback money again before you withdraw it or choose to play it elsewhere.

Simple and uncomplicated: You don't need to do anything special for cashback bonuses - the only requirement might be that you opt in with the casino before you play. Otherwise, you don't even have to think about it, just enjoy your favourite casino games but with this extra insurance policy that you get some money back!

Loyalty Program Cashback Bonuses

The most loyal players in a casino have a lot to play for when it comes to online gambling. They prefer higher value plays and as a result a cashback bonus benefits them immensely. However, normal value plays might not work well for them as they don't get the return they enjoy. Cashback bonuses with better limits for VIP players mean that they may receive a higher percentage of their money back, or alternatively they might have a higher cash limit of what they can get as a return.

Players who simply love playing at a casino and don't want to change providers are also likely to benefit from cashback bonuses when taking advantage of the site's loyalty program. As they play along the milestones that a casino sets for them, they benefit from extra cash in the cashback to progress more - and also get to enjoy the benefits given by the loyalty program, leaderboard promotion, or any other system the casino has in place!