Online Craps Casino Benefits, Basic Bets

At a real-life Craps casino table, the atmosphere can be quite intimidating for beginners and those still getting their head around the different bets. The game is often played at a fast pace with other players yelling out bets whilst cheering and jeering.

Fortunately, you can bypass all of the mayhem by playing Craps online. You can also take your time getting your head around the terminology.

Choosing the right online casino is important for this game as there are different variations with different odds on different bets which are set by each individual Craps casino.

Speaking of paying out when they are supposed to, it is true that all of the online casinos linked above will do that. However, the casinos themselves do not have control over the speeds that the payment platform makes the money available to you.

The online Craps table is a large oval marked up with all the betting possibilities, which is mirrored in the real-life Craps casino environment. The gameplay depends on what bet you choose to make, however, the following applies to how the online Craps game is run:

Players, or ‘shooters’ as they are called in this game, make wagers on the outcome of the rolled dice. They either wager against the other players or on the bank.

Place your chips on the bet you want to make. In a real-life casino, if you get to the table when play has already started, wait until the current shooter is done, and then ask for chips and place your bets.

Players take turns in rolling the two dice. The first roll is a ‘come out roll’. The shooter must place at least the minimum bet on the pass line, or the don’t pass line.

The shooter can keep rolling the dice until they get a losing combination.

Once you feel like you understand the rules of Craps, your next step is to take advantage of the generous bonuses that online casinos have to offer. 

With Craps online, there are bets which offer great odds, and others really terrible odds. You can combine different bets to minimise the house edge. You don’t want to be placing only bets with the largest house edge as you will out of the game pretty quickly!