Historical review of online slot machines technology

Online slot machines are more than 200 years old. Their beginning dates back to the 1800s when the first slot called Liberty Bell appeared. It was created by Charles Fey who worked as a car mechanic.

Liberty Bell slot had very simple rules. The main symbols were some cards and a bell. The aim of the game was to land 3 bells. For doing that you could be paid the 'incredible' amount of 50 cents (10 nickels).

For a short time the game became popular all over the United States. Soon other slot machines popped up at different establishments across the country.  

With the fast development of technologies modern slot machines and later online slot games appeared to entertain players all around the world

With the early internet the first online casinos blossomed. Their game libraries were very limited with simple 3 row version online slots. Basic themes, colours and betting systems only. But with time software providers worked harder and created amazing games for the fun of the consumers. The chance for generous payouts that kept the pockets full captured the players' hearts too.

Technologies at the service of business

The constant search of new ways to entertain players stimulates the creativity, innovations and the use of the latest technologies in online casino industry. The result is fantastic – the fun never stops at online casinos all around the world.

No need anymore to go to a land-based casino and waste time and money for this. Players can enjoy playing their favourite casino games from the comfort of their homes using a computer, laptop, tablet or a mobile device. Nowadays it is common to use mobile devices not only to keep in contact but also to play casino games. Everyone from children to elderly use the latest in smartphone technology.

Software developers provide new games that are fully equipped to be enjoyed on the go. They always add new gamification features which are real challenges for the players. They provide either a new level of competitiveness or new ways to bet. These usually unlock special gameplay opportunities or just stimulate players to explore something new.  

Parallel to those who love the classic online slots, there are also players who prefer to experience something new. For a little bit of added fun a new wave of gamers are ready to explore any new  creation into online gambling industry. Games such as Castle Builders 2 by Microgaming provide an arcade game experience. The opportunity to place bets and win big without having to 'spin the reels' is a real thrill.